Cloud accounting information system & ERP


Explain how the implementation of a Cloud Accounting Information System relates to:

an organisations corporate strategy and value chain and
the risks and benefits it poses to the organisation.
Use a recent announcement by a company to illustrate your explanation. Present your answer in ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION format (word guide 1000 – 1200 words).

Question 2 (7.5%)

Your manager has requested a report explaining how implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can value add to a business. Include in your report;
• What is an ERP?
• Potential risks that should be avoided when organizations implement an ERP system.
• How an organization can overcome and manage these risks.

Your report, including executive summary, should be maximum length 1200 words.

APA referencing must be used, where relevant, with citations and a list of references for any sources used within the assignment.

This assignment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your ability to:

understand and apply foundation principles relating to computerised information systems in contemporary organisations;
explain the role of data analysis tools;
to illustrate typical network configurations and identify the components of a network, particularly identifying the role that cloud computing has in a network;
evaluate accounting information system architecture, particularly identifying the role that cloud;
computing and ERP have as the basis for an accounting information system;
identify organisational risk and the impact that cloud computing and ERP systems have on that risk.

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