Literature Review on the Uppsala Model of Firm Internationalisation

This class called “International Business Strategy”
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Individual assignment – A
Weighting: 30%
Each student will be expected to submit an individual assignment of 2,500 words. The format for the assignment is an ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION.

For Individual Assignment (A), each student will need to prepare a critical literature review on the Uppsala Modelof firm internationalisation (covered in Topic 3 – I will upload these documents) and explain to what extent this model helps us to understand a firms’ process of internationalisation? To provide a rigorous review and critique, you are expected to read widely and incorporate at least 20 different references from academic articles.

In undertaking this assignment students’ need to:

  • Research the topic in an in-depth manner
  • Provide a critical perspective of the literature on a topic

Remember, it is expected you will demonstrate strong analytical skills in your ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION.

Harvard referencing system
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the key theories and concepts in strategic management and their implications for international business
  • Critically apply relevant theories, concepts and techniques to analyse strategic issues in international business
  • Design new conceptual models and frameworks for strategy analysis and implementation based on the theoretical principles introduced in the course
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