The report for Pen Chocolates.

The Scenario:
You work for Vision Marketing Ltd, and you have been asked to write a report to a potential new client, Pen Chocolates UK Ltd, explaining the importance of marketing for a business and the different types of marketing activities and strategies that maybe suitable for them.
Pen Chocolate UK Ltd is a business in the UK which produces a range of unique high quality chocolates which it sells to customers through its website and its 18 retail shops across the UK. Pen Chocolates would like to continue to expand its business in the UK and also expand into the rest of Europe. Pen Chocolates wants Vision Marketing to help them to promote their products in the UK and in the new European market.
Required: You must write a report which analyses and evaluates the use of marketing for a business, and discusses the types of marketing activities and strategies that may be suitable for Pen Chocolates.
Your report must include a discussion about the importance of marketing to the success of a business (10 marks). You must identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of moving into a new market especially an overseas market (15 marks). You must discuss how good marketing can help to overcome the problems associated with moving into a new market (10 marks). You must then identify, suggest, recommend and explain some marketing strategies and/or activities which you believe would be suitable for Pen Chocolates and you must justify your suggestions/recommendations and come to a clear overall conclusion that answers the report question. (15 marks).

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