Nurturing Foresight

choose an article from that discusses a coming trend.
From here, you need to write an ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION that prepares your organization for the change (either positive or negative). This isn’t an article review, though you will summarize this article in your first section, nor is it a general discussion of the topic you’ve chosen with the article as a source. You need to make your organization understand the coming trend and how it will impact the way you do things. Try to choose a trend that is actually relevant to the type of organization you want to work for.
•Shape your ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION in the following sections: ◦Section 1: provide a quick summary of the article; you need to identify the publication and author/title of the article and then highlight the key ideas about the issue identified.
◦Section 2: you need to identify the type of organization you want to work for and how this issue will not only impact the organization as a whole but also 2 of its stakeholders (i.e. providers and patients).
◦Section 3: from an administrative perspective what kinds of questions will you need to ask, resources you might need, actions you might need to take, etc. to prepare your organization for the coming changes. An example here might be preparing a labor and delivery facility for the coming issues with early elective delivery, particularly with payers not wanting to reimburse providers for this service.
◦Section 4: a. Do you see changes arising from this situation to be a boon to patients? Why or why not?
b. Do you think that government will create regulation relating to this topic that you will need to comply with?
c. Do you see this issue as having the potential to result in a possible new profit center for your facility? Whether it will bring a new revenue center to your facility, bring in more government regulation, or benefit patients, it’s important for you to be able to make assertions about how the issue will play out.

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