European Union

Marks and Hooghe analyze the way in which the dynamics of European integration “break open the mold” of the state and generate new patterns of interaction between political actors. Kurzer examines continuity and change in morality norms in the context of the single European market. Both works, in other words, tell us something about the domestic political consequences of EU integration. Based on these readings, what do you believe to be the most significant impact of the European integration process on domestic politics of EU member states? Focus on two or three critical elements rather than developing an exhaustive list. Identify these elements clearly, directly and succinctly at the outset of your ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION, and then elaborate and illustrate using examples or arguments from the readings (including McCormick if you wish to draw on his book as well).

please use the following source as the primary source

4. Nelson, B. F., & Stubb, A. (Eds.) (2003). The European Union: Readings on the theory and practice of European integration (3rd ed.). Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner. ISBN 9781588262318.

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