platelet activation mechanisms


Order description: 1.basic platelet structure (Dense tubular system,Open canalicular system,granules,cytoskeletal structure)and the resting platelet.

2.Activation via Ca+2 signalling-mechanisms-G Protein coupled receptors-Collagen(GPVI and integrin alpha 2 B1) thrombin (PAR), ADP(P2Y1 and P2Y12) and TXA2(EP).

3. (Ca+2 from stores -IP3 and NAADP;store-operated Calcium entery and activation of P2X1 receptors).

4. The role of Ca+2 in shape change ,activation of dense /alpha granule secretion and the activation of the integrin αIIbβ3 (aggregation) and clot retraction.

5.Heterogenous platelet activation -Duration of Calcium signal.

6.Pericellular Ca+2 recycling as a way of creating long Ca+2 signals.

7. Membrane complex of platelets and the impact of nicergoline.

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