Annotated Bibiography on Innovation

Find four peer- or jury-reviewed articles on an innovation related to finance. Evaluate each article for the following:
•Reliability of evaluation of research methods and of the theories and data on which the article is based
•Appropriateness for intended audience
•Authority or background of the author
•Limitations, depending on the scope, reliability, age of the document, and bias
•Usefulness of the source for your purposes

The annotation does not have to be long (2–3 paragraphs), but you should take into consideration the points listed above.

Use the APA Course ESSAY/RESEARCH PAPER/custom written DISSERTATION Template to complete this assignment.

Include the following for each article in the Annotated Bibliography:
•Full bibliographic reference (respecting APA rules about referencing)

•Summary of document, including the main points, its purpose, the theoretical perspective on which it is based, and the scope

•Evaluation of the source, critiquing the source briefly

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