Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management


1.1 Describe the purpose of performance management and its relationship to business objectives.

1.2 Explain the components of performance management systems

1.3 Explain the relationship between motivation and performance management

LO2: Be able to explain the relationship between performance management and reward

2.1 Explain the purpose of reward within a performance management system

2.2 Identify and explain the components of an effective total reward system

LO3: Be able to contribute to effective performance and reward management in the workplace

3.1 Identify and explain the factors that need to be considered when managing performance.

3.2 Describe the data required by individuals involved in performance and reward management processes.

LO4: Be able to conduct and reflect upon a performance review

4.1 Explain the frequency, purpose and process of performance review.
4.2 Conduct a performance review meeting.
4.3 Reflect on the outcomes of the performance review
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