Sarah Rose vs CHM Moving Company

Sarah Rose hired CHM Moving Company to transport her household goods from her home in Cape Coral, FL to her new condominium in Bonita Springs for $2000, payable up front. In the process of moving her furniture, valuable china, antiques, and family piano, the moving van was in an accident in Ft. Myers, causing the china to shatter and break into many pieces. The china had a value of $5000. When the moving van finally made it to Bonita Springs, the movers dropped her piano, causing $1000 damage to the piano. Her couch that she had just bought new for $2000 and which Sarah saw being loaded onto the moving van in Cape Coral was not in the van when it arrived in Bonita Springs. Your firm represents Sarah Rose, and you need to prepare her complaint against CHM Moving Compnay. Single space

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