Art Journal

Contemplate the work of art and add your interpretation of the art, based on the characteristics of the corresponding movement, to your art journal (the Prezi started in Week One). Pay close attention to style, media (materials), methods, subjects and any other details that make this work significant, using appropriate art terminology. Be sure to include your personal reaction to the work of art and an image of the work. How do you perceive this work of art differently now compared to how you interpreted the artwork in your art journal from earlier weeks?

The Art Institute houses a comprehensive collection of medieval art made in Europe over a period of 500 years. It features both religious works and objects of daily use in a variety of media, including painting and sculpture, luxury metalwork and stained glass, textiles and manuscript illumination. Major collections of arms and armor, jewelry, ceramics, and tapestries, along with paintings and sculpture, vividly demonstrate the ceremony of life in the Renaissance era in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.
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