Solar and Wind Energy Sources

Please answer the following questions and submit your answers below:
Explain the operation of a PV cell, starting from the fundamental semiconductor physics. Describe electron-hole pairs, the p-n junction, and semi-conductor materials. State how a voltage is created across a PV cell.
What five factors affect the efficiency of a PV device? Explain in your own words.
Explain how efficiency increased through geometrical design in multijunction PV cells. What is the theoretical efficiency of a multijunction PV cell?
Describe the experiments conducted on electrolysis to produce hydrogen by Poul la Cour in the late 1800s. What were his established findings, if any?
The text describes environmental impacts of wind turbines, which is a consideration for all power plants. But what about safety/security concerns specific to wind turbine plants. What do their emergency/disaster plans entail? Security and safety are life-cycle assessment considerations.

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