Industrial organization

Report #1: (Choose one from the following questions)

1. Is Google a monopoly?
2. How should the relevant market be defined in this case?
3. What is the structure of the industry in which Google operates?
4. Identify examples of Google’s vertical integration. Why did Google choose to vertically integrate into these information markets?
5. What conduct by Google prompted the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of antitrust violations?
6. Why did the FTC close its investigation without bringing charges in January 2013?
7. What would be your decision in this case? Support your thesis with arguments and data.

Report guidelines:
* Using reliable sources of information state your position on the issue. Is there a cause for government intervention? How would you decide an antitrust case? Support your statements with facts and arguments. Propose the best policy toward regulation (if any) of the industry.
* You need to think about the topic and use facts and economic arguments to support any position you feel is right.
* Include references, tables, and figures, with standard fonts and margin.

* What is the Relevant Market?
* Is the market concentration high in the industry?
* Is this problematic from the welfare point of view?
* What could be a policy solution?
* Which antitrust statues are involved?
* What are the antitrust concerns?
* What needs to be proved to support a claim of an antitrust violation?
* What could be a line of defense in such a case?

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